Class Timetable - Rev 5 (July 2021)-1.png

30 mins - £4.00

60 mins - £6.50

r e a c t i o n

A fun and exciting class designed to improve fitness of the body and the brain. Using Blazepod™ reflex technology, your decision making and reaction times will be put to the test, along with your speed and agility.


Strength, speed & power are combined to create a full body sweat fest in this short burst HIIT class designed to get your heart rate pumping and those calories burning. Perfect when you want to get in, get it done and get out again!

P U M P   I T   U P

A weights based class designed to build strength and muscle across your entire body. Expect squats, presses, lifts and curls using light to moderate weights with lots of repition to burn fat and build lean muscle. All techniques are taught during the session.

c o r e  a c t i v a t e

Tighten, tone and sculpt your entire core using a combination of body weight and innovative equipment. A variety of low to moderate impact exercise that will isolate and strengthen the muscles in around your abs, butt & back.

b o x - f i t

Ding ding! A non-contact, challenging workout based on the art of boxing. Improve your overall fitness and tone your upper body whilst taking your stress out on the pads. All levels welcome and no previous boxing experience is needed.

f o r e v e r - f i t

It’s never too late to start your fitness journey. A gentle full body workout, at a steady pace to improve basic fitness and tone for all abilities. Featuring a blend of aerobic, strength, balance and mobility exercises to improve your health and well-being from top to toe.

c i r c u i t s

A total body workout made up of station-based exercises which will improve your full body fitness fast. You’ll be put through your paces with a dynamic combo of body weight, cardio, weighted and functional exercise delivered in high energy bursts.

b o o t c a m p

This outdoor bootcamp style session takes place in the field adjacent to the gym, where you’ll be flipping tyres, swinging ropes, carrying sandbags and much more. Your fitness will surge and the endorphins will be pumping from training in the outdoors.